News from Homa Bay Kenya

Dear Joseph and Lois

I was off the internet for three weeks and this was uncomfortable because I felt I was either missing something or getting my friends worried for that silence. Thanks for caring. We had an internet problem.

We are getting very good rains at the moment and of this goes  for another 4 weeks, our crops will do well.

Today, Theresa received the 300$ for her windows and she is very grateful. When her windows are fixed, I will take pictures and sent them over. This gift has come in really handy since on 22nd of this month we have a homecoming party for her son Ayub who was ordained a Catholic priest two months ago. We as women share her joy for this particular celebration.DSC01830

  Theresa standing in front of kitchen outbuilding which she built from mud and straw.

On Friday, we all meet for prayers and sharing at the parish in Raruowa. I will be exited to capture the joy the women have for having water at their door step. I will combine their reactions with photos that I will take after a door to door visit within a week or two and send in my report.

My love to you all,


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