Chicken Coop Report

Hello Grandmother Circles US,

ksh= Keyan Schilling

Chicken coop project report.

Grand Total Cost of Chicken coop       ksh143,896   US $1,713.07
Cash received from Grandmother Circles US

Ksh  144,000  US$1714.31

Members of the St. Monica Grandmother Circle are very grateful for the completion of the two chicken houses. One house is at Teresa Aduda’s home. They made this choice of a central place near the Raruowa Mission because it is easily accessible to them and any visitor who wishes to see it and also because taking care of poultry is a difficult task and they thought Teresa is well suited for this task.
The other house is at Mary Lieta’s home. This home also is easy to access and Mary Lieta can manage to take care of the poultry well.
The women now have a total of 42 birds in the two houses.
·         The chicken in both houses were eating their own eggs. An  Agricultural officer advised that they get food supplements with calcium and that problem was reduced
·         When the young ones were hatched, some chicks were being eaten by the older chicken. We had to remove the young ones from the house until they were one month old
·         Sourcing for chicken feed was quite difficult as some members were unable to contribute. Permission was given by the members for some of the eggs to be sold so that food can be bought.
·         Not more than one cock can be housed in each coop. The cocks were sold off and this was a source of income for the group.
This project is still small and the benefits are not very large as yet.   We can proudly record the following:
·          Poultry multiply out of danger of any epidemics.
·         Birds can be sold for cash
·         Eggs are sold for cash
·         Anyone with visitors can request for a bird to slaughter
·         Members are given a sense of togetherness through joint ownership of the project
·         The selling of eggs and extra cocks gives income which at the moment goes towards the feeding of the birds.

We shall make reports of our progress as frequently as possible.
Mary Lieta

2 thoughts on “Chicken Coop Report

    1. one more summer one more 500. oo after 27 garage sales and it was worth doing for my dear friends in Kenya. Love Althea

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