If only we had a tractor

Dear Lois,
Greetings from Homalime once again. We have heavy rains now and its good to feel dirty as we toil on our farms. After digging, re-digging and planting and planting again, we still look up to the good Lord to give us plenty of this rain.
In Africa, life is hard. Hard enough for those who are able to plough using their own animals ( I have four bulls), and impossibly hard for those who have no means of tilling their land. But the African farmer is resilient!!
Many of our bulls for ploughing are are now too weak to go on farming. I sometimes wonder whether our major priority is water or a tractor for the poor farmers. Food sufficiency will only be achieved if more people could plough as big farms as they plan to. That can not be done by animals.
These are he thoughts that I carry on my shoulders and I am glad that I can share this with you.
Mary O

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