About Us

Lois Mineau is the Founder and Executive Director of Grandmother Circles. While traveling through Western Kenya, she met a group of grandmothers in desperate need of a water collection system. On her return to the states,  she took it upon herself to raise money to buy the Kenyan grandmothers a water cistern. That effort was so successful she was soon joined by other enthusiastic grandmothers and volunteers — and Grandmothers Circles was formed.

This is a volunteer organization. Other than extremely minor administrative costs, all funds raised are put to  immediate use on grandmother-directed initiatives in Kenya.

Coordination between the grandmother circles in Kenya and the U.S. is provided by Mary Lieta, the volunteer director of a community-based organization (similar to a US nonprofit) in Homa Bay, Kenya.

Since 2007, Grandmother Circles has raised more than $130,000.
Those funds have been used for:

  • 35 residential water tanks
  • 80 secondary school scholarships for girls
  • 4 large tanks for a pottery business owned and run by Kenyan grandmothers
  • 2 chicken coops stocked with chickens
  • An emergency fund for unexpected expenses, such as rebuilding a home destroyed by fire and purchasing sanitary supplies for scholarship students



photograph of Board of Directors
Past and Current Board Members

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