Praying for a tractor…


Has mentioned that each year the grandmothers and other women plough the fields with oxen and each drought the loose a few.  Each dry season gets harder and harder.

Would your company, foundation like to donate to sponsor a tractor?  Over 200 hundred children could benefit from having access to more food.  Grandmothers, widows and families would have access to more food.

Massey Ferguson 4 wheel drive ksh5,525,000 with 3disc plough. This is special offer for two months.(64,000 US dollars)

Massey Ferguson 275-2vweel drive=72HPTractor with 3 discs plough ksh.3,305,000. ( 38,000 US dollars )

We do appreciate the interest that people are continuing to have in our work.  We are with you in our prayers and discussions. I have sent out feeders to check on prices of the tractor and solar pump and will send them to you soon.
I have not been able to get the price of a solar pump. I have two quotations for a tractor.


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