Year End Update

Many thanks to Book Clubs 4 Change whose generous donation helped us reach our fundraising goal for 2018 – which was $12,000 for sending high school girls to boarding school in Kenya. We are now setting our sites on sending another 20 girls to boarding schools in Kenya.

The grandmother’s would also like help to send a few of the a few of the young ladies on to college or certificate programs! To do that we need to raise 5,000 more by December 2019 in addition to the $12,000 we send over for high school boarding cost! So our goal for 2019 is $17,000.

We are blessed by all the amazing volunteers who support women and girls in Kenya.We hope they and many others will be inspired by and join in our mission to raise that same amount and more in 2019! Many, many thanks to one and all. May god bless you and keep you safe!

About Duffy Pearce

Content strategist and copy writer with extensive agency experience and B2B work with clients including Ecolab, 3M, Wells Fargo, Minnesota State, and HealthForce Minnesota.

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