News from Kenya, Spring 2018

Earlier this year, Grandmothers Circles in the U.S. sent a $12,000 scholarship fund to Kenya which is supporting 20 girls currently in boarding school. Another $1,500 general fund contribution was sent which has been used for

  • Rebuilding a house that was blown down during a storm last fall
  • Computer classes for adult women
  • Emergency medical expenses

A group took it upon themselves to raise additional funds to offset ongoing expenses for an ailing Consociate named Aloys who became paralyized on one side and is unable to work. In a recent letter, Mary Lieta said:

We want in a very special way to thank you for Aloys’ support. We have never encountered his condition among us and this came as a great challenge for us. May the good Lord bless the work of your hands.”

Mary notes that the rainy season has brought a “basket of misfortunes” to the valley including flooding and displacement of families. In addition, Kenya is experiencing a new wave of violence in families across the country — with the killings of wives and children by spouses. She asks us to keep Kenya in our prayers.

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Content strategist and copy writer with extensive agency experience and B2B work with clients including Ecolab, 3M, Wells Fargo, Minnesota State, and HealthForce Minnesota.

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