Thirsting for Rain

Dear friends,

It is the middle of March and however long we stare at the skies, there’s no sign of the rains. We do realize that our part of the country is not as hard hit as the drier regions in Kenya and give glory to God for that.

Yet there’s scarcity of water especially for people far from the lake, the price of maize is the highest at this time of the year for the last 10 years, there’s no green for the animals to feed on and the temperatures are just unbearable- boiling hot.

The skies darkened three weeks ago and people made frantic efforts to plant. Now the gardens are full of weed and no crops did sprout. The animals are dying!

This is where my admiration for the people at the lake is at its highest. They still, with a smile greet you in the morning:”

The day has dawned”- (Oyaore) at midday: “It is well” (Ber) and in the evening: “ Darkness has set in” (oimore). They state mere facts without implying the pain that runs through the day and night.

Children run off to school on empty stomachs. They say if they don’t eat anything, hunger dies in their stomach until lunch time. I have tried it and it does work!

Marit Women group managed to pull down the price of maize in the last 3 weeks by investing ksh.55,000 in 15 bags of maize. We last did this in 2011 and are proud to have put smiles on grain buyers once again.

Thanks for being with us in prayer, Mary Lieta

About Duffy Pearce

Content strategist and copy writer with extensive agency experience and B2B work with clients including Ecolab, 3M, Wells Fargo, Minnesota State, and HealthForce Minnesota.

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