23 Girls Go to School

Posted 31 January 2017/Updated 2 March 2017

Marit Womens Group members in Kenya were able to collect enough money to pay for an additional three girls to attend school — in addition to the 20 girls attending on scholarships funded by Grandmothers Circles in the United States.

Two computers were purchased and immediately put to work:

  • Consociate 4 is using their new computer to support Civic Education activities because the Government of Kenya has stopped all foreign aid that was to fund teaching by Civil Rights Groups.
  • The Growing Community Roots group is using its new computer to support Early Childhood Education. Mary Lieta also puts it to work for other Grandmother Circles activities.

Funds raised in the US are also being used to enable a child named Bajohn to receive treatment for a heart condition at a special Mission hospital. Mary Leita promises to send updates on his recovery.

Funds Sent to Kenya

Posted 31 January 2017

We recently sent Mary Lieta $12,500 for use during  2017. $10,000 will be put toward scholarships for 20 girls. The extra $2,500 was given to Mary to spend as needed for emergency funds. We know Mary needs a new computer — so some of it may go for that.

The funds in the past have been used for emergency medical needs, replacement of a burned house, to help pay for funerals and other needs as they occurred.

Thank you for your part in our being able to provide this much needed support!!

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