What are they?

Solidarity groups in Kenya Committed to raising and supporting orphaned children.

Circles in the US join in solidarity with these groups.

Circles in the United States engage with and join the circles in Kenya by:

  1. Supporting their projects with financial grants.
  2. We make personal connections through email, postal mail, our website and blogging with our contacts in Kenya.
  3. Register your circle with us. Take a picture of your circle and  email your picture; tell us how you plan on connecting with the circles in Africa.   We will post your circle’s picture on our website so the women in Africa may see you too.

Please note we communicate with our contact Mary and she is the only one who has a computer.   She is the president of a Community Based Organization.  Mary and her board of directors oversee many projects:

  • chicken coopSt. Monica Grandmother Circle
  • Marit Women’s Circle
  • Oriang Women’s Circle
  • Kenya Water Project
  • Cultural Center
  • Sponsorship of girls in school