Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Since 2007, Grandmother Circles has raised more than $130,000. With the exception of a $4,000 grant, a $5,000 personal donation, about $5,000 from craft fair sales, almost all those funds have been  in the form of small donations. Learn more about what a small donation can do.

You can now donate online using PayPal!

Or send Checks to:
Grandmother Circles
4825 Nokomis Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55417

Support for Projects

One way to support the Grandmother Circles is to provide funding for projects. The grandmothers engage in small enterprises to help bring in money for their families.  Right now the need is for chicken coops and water cisterns.


Another way to support Grandmother Circles is to “adopt” a grandmother. Each grandmother cares for many grandchildren, all of whom have everyday needs such as school fees, school uniforms, soap, feminine hygiene products, shoes and underwear.  Donate monthly to a grandmother.

Invite us to speak at your bookclub, group, church, hiking club.  Send request to