Progress Report From Kenya

Dear Friends,

It has been long since I wrote to let you know how we are faring. We have had a great year 2016. This is despite crop failure. Our people are very resilient.

Mary Lieta and granddaughter Tamalia
  • Six of the girls we support either through the bursary venture or as a Women Group managed to go to University, Three to Teachers College and one to a Medical School in September this year. The ongoing ones are doing very well at school.
  • We also ventured into counseling and disaster management. This too has gone very well. We settled two families whose abode was destroyed by rain and a fire and we are proud of this. During May/June/July we ventured into a very delicate field.
  • We identified a young man with a family of four very young children who could have succumbed to HIV/AIDS and assisted them to get medical help and were successful in getting him to accept his status and get assistance. This was the most difficult of the tasks we have ever undertaken. Today he is all smiles and strong enough to go back to his motorcycle business.
  • We have realized that we need to do more on health matters for our community. We are going to map out how we can assist the community to accept Health insurance which goes at 500ksh per month, per family. We have yet to convince the community that this is a worthwhile venture.
Finally, we need your assistance in continuing the supply of water tanks for the very old in the community. Water remains the biggest challenge to women who can no longer travel long distances to fetch it. And, is it possible to revisit the solar oven project? The few who got it are really enjoying its use.
Peace and greetings,
Mary Lieta

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