woman with water tankProject 1 is…creating grandmother circles here in the United States that build relationships with the women’s circles in Kenya that are associated with our contact in Kenya. Read more…

Project 2 is…getting people to sponsor a water cistern for the grandmothers. Read more…


We have been asked to raise the funds for 16 more water cisterns for the Marit Women’s Group of younger widows who are also raising approximately 74 orphans too.

Can your company, group, church, school, book club, hiking group sponsor one water tank? $480. US will buy one 5,000 water cistern.  Total cost of this entire project $7,680.

The Newman Center in St.Cloud has sponsored one water tank. We now need 15 more. Help us reach our goal.


Project 4 is currently in progress for 2013. It is assisting the Oriang Women’s Pottery Shop.
The pottery shop is able to generate income for various projects the women might need, like sponsorship of orphans in school, food, supplies.
Project 4 Is currently in progress for 2013

Project 4 is assisting the Oriang women’s pottery shop.

The pottery shop is able to generate income for various projects the women might need. Like sponsorship of orphans in school, food and supplies.

They are blessed with a well on their property however, during the dry season people use the well. They choose to stop their production of pottery because they do not want to take away water from those who need the water for survival. So they wait.

Providing the with these water tanks will assist them to help themselves all year long. There are 23 women members of the Oriang Pottery Shop and over a hundred children in their care.

They have requested assistance with raising the funds to purchase four 10,000 gallon water tanks at $2,000 dollars a tank (includes transportation of supplies, supplies, installation and labor)

Project 5 sponsorship of girls in school.  $500. US dollars a year will sponsor one girl at boarding school. ($42. 00 a month. )