Give the gift of serenity: $10 Meditation Malas! 

Red MalaHand-made Malas – $10.00

Used by Hindus, Taoists Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs in their meditation practices, these hand-made 108-bead meditation malas can help you calm your breathing and mind in a way that has brought serenity to millions of people for thousands of years

Made by volunteers with donated beads, 100% of sales revenues go to support Grandmother Circles.

Each mala comes in a gift box with easy-to-follow directions for beginning or enhancing a meditation practice.Available with red, blue, green or black accents, Serenity Meditation Malas are ideal for everyday wear and anytime use. 

$10 – plus $2 shipping. (Free delivery in the Saint Paul area.)

Call Duffy Pearce at 651.347.7624 or email to to order and arrange for delivery.

Women in Recovery Raise $600

More to come!

A group of Saint Paul Women in Recovery raised $600 by making and selling malas as Christmas Gifts. “It was great fun to make them, people were delighted by having such a thoughtful stocking stuffer and even more pleased that their purchase would help send a girl to boarding school,” says Duffy Pearce who has hosted most of the events at her Saint Paul home.

Lois Mineau, founder of Grandmother Circles, attended one of the gatherings and was moved by the groups creativity and purpose. “It’s exciting that making them brings peace and serenity to women in recovery, that is then shared with the recipient who uses it as a mala and the proceeds help us help women in Kenya.

The group is now working toward a goal of raising enough for a second scholarship by the Fourth of  July. “The nice thing about the malas is that you can be extremely creative in your choice of beads and colors — but ultimately they all have 108 beads and fit in a nice little box that people recognize as a gift,” says Kate D, another member of the Saint Paul group. “It’s very meditative making them. Lots of time to talk and reflect with other women in recovery.”