Circle Supporters

How can I support Grandmother Circles?

1.) Artists wanted to contribute art to first annual “Creating Connections for a Cause Art Sale” coming in 2013

2.) A Call to Play calling all who like to create art.  Sign up to join artists who gather to create art in Roseville.  The art can then either be purchased by you or it can be donated for sale in one of the gift shops that sell our art.  All proceeds will go directly to Grandmother Circles US.  more information.

Currently Carondelet Village Gift Shop and Wisdom Ways Spirituality Center in Saint Paul have art for sale to benefit Grandmother Circles.

3.) Organizational Support

  • Host informal meetings telling the story of the grandmothers
  • Invite Grandmother Circle Speakers to come to your church group, book club and or your society meeting
  • Tell the story
  • 4.) Fundraising5 women
  • plan fundraising gatherings
  • pursue grants and other possible one time donors
  • have a garage sale for grandmothers

5.) Go to Africa to meet the Grandmothers