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News from Kenya, April 19, 2012

Dear Lois,
It is good to hear from you after quite a long silence. My family and I are doing very well. The two girls I was supporting in High School did their final exams and passed their exams well enough to go on to middle college. I am happy because they were not very bright.
It has taken me a bit of time to send in my completed reports. This is because of the loss of Maria Amolo. Our funerals last for a long time. People who were not able to come for burial keep on coming to Maria’s home and I needed to avail myself for them. It has eased up now.

woman in front of water tankThe water tanks project has come to a fine completion and I have finished compiling the report. I will send it along with the Chicken coops report. For water it is simply exiting and many St. Monica women have recorded a life changing water situation in their families. I am waiting to record the impact of this on their farming and small businesses.
You surely have some good news for all of us. Thanks be to God for all the changes that are coming our way.

Please let Tina know that that we are doing well with the grinder. The fact that we have the grinder now means that in social gatherings, people can now be served with groundnut soup. This is a traditional special dish. Quite a number of families also come to buy small quantities of grounded nuts for the very young children. I want to thank her in advance for choosing to send me a video camera.
Serphine and I are in close contact with the stone cutter right now because God has blessed her family with a catholic priest. One of her sons, Ayub Ochieng was among the 5 priests ordained as catholic priests on March 22nd this year. That was a +++ for the St. Monica Women. We celebrated mass with him at the parish and are waiting for the big occasion on the 1st of June when he shall have a home mass. Serphine and I are on the committee for this celebration. I believe the said window will be a face lift to Teresa’s house. I always take my visitors to her home to see her home, quarry and the house she built with the stones she curved out. Please say a big thank you to Vicky.

About the priorities we set out, I wish to assure you that we do not take any offence at small projects interjects the status we set out. There are many worthy causes that we did not address. Teresa’s cause is definitely our cause too.

Mary O

News from Kenya December 22, 2011

by MaryO on 2011/12/22 6:43 AM


Thank you for all your efforts.  We are having the water tanks built currently and our hope was to have all the water tanks by Christmas.

I will be visiting each home in January and I will have more to share then.

Many children are helped by your efforts.  Especially girls, it is the girls that walk sometimes 2 &1/2 miles to the government sponsored water hole then they carry it on their heads in a ten gallon pail.

Our roads are mad of mud, main way of traveling is by what you wouldcall a dirt bike. Some people do have cars or trucks but very few. Sometimes the gas runs out at the stations, I think that happened at least once when you visited almost 2 years ago.

The water that is sponsored by the government comes from Lake Victoria.  The pipes were put in over 30 years ago and sometimes the water hole is closed because of problems with the pipeline.

We use water for making food, gardening, cleansing and feeding our animals chickens especially. 10 gallons does not go very far and so the young child might have to make two trips in one day.

The water tanks that people are sponsoring through your organization are to collect water off of our Tin roofs during the rain season.  I can not begin to tell you how much the gift of these water tanks mean to our community.  You all have made these grandmothers from St Monica have notice in the community.  They were shunned because they refused to follow cultural practice and remain as “inherieted” like property when their husbands died.  They stood up to the chief and said ,”no” some were beaten. They came together and formed a womens circle called St.Monica.  (I too am a grandmother who like many of these grandmothers are raising orphans we have over 70 orphans 30 grandchildren in circle). I joined the group too and helped them organize.

Each time we meet each grandmother contributes something to the collection pot and as a group we decide where that money is best needed.  It would have taken us years and years to come up with the money for these water tanks.  Because of your efforts we at Christmas will have water to drink. (Yes of course it has to be boiled).

Water Tanks

First set of Water Tanks Purchased
by LoisM on 2011/12/17 9:53 AM

Thank you for your ongoing support.  We through your efforts to support our the NGO in Homa Lime have been able to raise the money for the first 16 water tanks.  The grandmothers pictured on our home page now have water tanks to collect the water during the rain season.  They collect the water of their tin roofs.  These 16 grandmothers are raising over 100 orphans in addition to their own grandchildren.  Typically girls must walk to the watering hole about 1 & 1/2 miles to the watering hole before they go to school.  They carry the water in a ten gal pail on their head. Each water tank we provided is 5,000 gallons.  You have just made their world a little brighter!  On behalf of the Saint Monica’s women’s group and all the children. We say Thank you!

Mary has asked us to continue raise money for at least two more sets of water tanks.  Water is crucial.  Each water tank system cost about $480. US.

Can you and your friends join the circle of support and sponsor a water tank? How about part of water tank?