Water Tanks

First set of Water Tanks Purchased
by LoisM on 2011/12/17 9:53 AM

Thank you for your ongoing support.  We through your efforts to support our the NGO in Homa Lime have been able to raise the money for the first 16 water tanks.  The grandmothers pictured on our home page now have water tanks to collect the water during the rain season.  They collect the water of their tin roofs.  These 16 grandmothers are raising over 100 orphans in addition to their own grandchildren.  Typically girls must walk to the watering hole about 1 & 1/2 miles to the watering hole before they go to school.  They carry the water in a ten gal pail on their head. Each water tank we provided is 5,000 gallons.  You have just made their world a little brighter!  On behalf of the Saint Monica’s women’s group and all the children. We say Thank you!

Mary has asked us to continue raise money for at least two more sets of water tanks.  Water is crucial.  Each water tank system cost about $480. US.

Can you and your friends join the circle of support and sponsor a water tank? How about part of water tank?

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