News from Homaline March 18, 2011

by MaryO on 2011/03/18 2:09 PM

Greetings from Homalime.

Things have changed since we last emailed.  We are feeling the effects of destroying our eco system. We have no rains although the fields are ready for crop.  women, girls and men have started the long journeys in search of water.  Infact I want to see if my son and daughters can assist me to buy a donkey cart for ferrying water.  I want to fetch water for some of the very old and sick women in the community.

In addition the price of food has been on the upward trend.  It is amazing how some of the very poor among us survive these circumstances.

We as the Marit womens group are planning to so some move intervention similar to the one we had in 2008-09 where we brought Maize down buy selling what we had at a reduced price.

The group chicken house is now complete and we have one huge cock and 9 female chickens.  Right now we get anaverage of 6 eggs aday.  We have not started selling the eggs out as intended because after chickens epidimic, there is a shortage of birds that are ready to roost.

We are looking for a good breed of chickens to name after Mary Beth Boyle. I will send you pictures when I got a good network.

We shall sit in a special group meeting to plan what to do with the money we received from the sales of some of the items you to took to the states to sell for us.  we will probably buy food supplies to help the needy as is our yearly custom.

Take Care,

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