News from Homaline July 5, 2011

by MaryO on 2011/07/05 6:31 AM

Dear Lois and Grandmother Circles Supporters,

It was exiting to read from you after quite a long time.  we are doing well here.  Most of my family and older dependents are back in school and I am left at home with Yusuf, his wife and two daughters.  I have a little girl I took in with me.  She is in nursery school.

We started the year well and were expecting a good harvest but suddnely the rains disappeared and we now have a failed harvest.  But I supoosed the weather has been drastic all over the world.

In the first half of the year the St. Monica meetings are normally limited to give time to the women to work on their farms.  We do however meet once a month for prayer and meditation at the Raruowa mission.  The Marit women group however do not stop meeting as we are the main support for all the affilate groups that we have.  This year our special theme is couselling for youth.  We have stocked in our craft centre sanitary towels and a few pants for the girls we counsel.  We have made some progress on this and we are looking forward to seeing improved performance of the girls level of education.

As you may know Serphine and her husband Aloys have joined the band to become consociates.  We are now a team of three consociates. ( see note at end of blog) Our theme for social work this year is also Guidance and couselling.  we use sports  and specifically football for boys and girls, to attract the youth to our counselling sessios.  The activities are very well received by the youth and their parents.

I wish to thank you very much for the work you are doing to raise funds for the grandmother Circles.   Please convey our gratitude to Lisa for her donation of a Community Chicken Coop to the Grandmothers (St.Monicas Women’s Group), I will let the grandmothers know about it on on the July 16th when we meet in Raruowa to walk the Labyrinth.

Cheerio for now.


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